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CURRENT Exhibition

133rd Annual Summer Exhibition
25th July - September 5th, 2015

The highlight of the year in the gallery as Academicians have the opportunity to exhibit their most recent work.

PREVIOUS Exhibition

Keith Andrew - 'Back Catalogue'
A selection of etchings from 1977 to 2015
(Lower Gallery)

Etching is one of the oldest printing methods and is a wonderful medium for artists to express themselves. Briefly, the metal plate, usually copper is coated with a waxy 'ground'. The artist then draws with a point into the ground exposing the metal underneath . This is then immersed in an acid bath which bites the line into the plate.

Varying tones called Aquatint can be etched into the plate. The area to be etched is dusted with a powdered resin and then heated to melt it onto the surface. The plate is then placed in the acid bath to etch away the tiny areas not protected by the granulated resin. 
To print the plate ink is dabbed into the bitten lines , then wiped off the surface of the plate . The plate is then put through a press between two rollers with dampened paper and the impression is taken.

So there are no mechanical or photographic means involved, it is all the artists original work to make and print the plate . Hence the term 'artists original prints'

Keith Andrew, 2015

Eluned Tudor-Grant
Ddoe a Heddiw - Past and Present
(Upper Gallery)

"I am inspired by the reality of the world the drama and otherworldliness of powerful characters inherent in the ancient tales of The Mabinogi and to discover that the human condition is for ever present. The cycles of life, poetry, music and the constant presence of the sea throughout my childhood have also shaped the use of metaphor to express my most enduring themes:- love, loss, transcendence and the celebration of life. Expressive use of colour and mark-making culminates in ambivalent imagery of mood and meaning.

As you can see, representing the landsape is not my aim but it is through the drawings from nature that new forms are born and metaphors for the human condition emerge which in turn become my landscape"

The exhibition continues till July 18th, 2015


Keith Andrew, Etching - 'Black moon'

Keith Andrew, Etching - 'Bygone Harvest'

Keith Andrew, Etching - 'Little Kitchen'


Eluned Tudor-Grant - 'Woman in a white gown'

Eluned Tudor-Grant - 'Homage to Mandela'

Eluned Tudor-Grant - 'The Tryst'
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