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RCA Members

The Royal Cambrian Academy consists of 140 distinguished artists. Most are professional artists with some connection to Wales whether by family, friendship, birth or choice.

Academicians are elected by their peers and it can take a few years to become a member of the prestigious Royal Cambrian Academy. Membership conveys a level of achievement and is seen as 'a badge of honour'.

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some of the current membership outside the RCA gallery in Conwy

List of Members

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What is an Academician

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How to become a Member

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President of the RCA

Ivor Davies

Painter, art historian and activist, current President of the Royal Cambrian Academy. Ivor Davies is one of Wales’ most celebrated artists. Much of his work is stimulated by Welsh culture and politics. He has had over 60 one man shows, exhibiting nationally and internationally.

RCA members ...

The artists listed here are current members of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

The RCA has exhibition catalogues dating back to its foundation in 1881 and would be happy to assist with any research or queries you might have about a particular artist member or painting. Please contact the gallery for further details.

More extensive archive material is held at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, including details of paintings sold and background information on many past members of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

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