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Masterclasses/Workshops for Adults 2015

February Masterclass/Dosbarth Meistr Chwefror
Louise Payne RCA/AFG

‘Approaching Essence: Drawing from the Heart.’

There is a buzzword used in this current era, termed by Arjuna Ardagh in his book ‘The Translucent Revolution’ which is called ‘Translucent Art.’ 
He states that this art comes ‘through’ us and not ‘from’ us. He is talking about getting ourselves out of the way so that Pure Creative Flow can operate – through our hearts and not our heads.

This workshop will be exploring techniques to help you do just that!

You will be trying out exercises and techniques to relax the mind, get in touch with the body, and find that place of Pure Being – the deep inner relation between your True Self and the Divine Source. Through loving attention and trusting the process, creativity can speak through you, in the way it does naturally for young children. The day will combine drawing methods which relax and express through release, as well as those that foster a quiet focusing in through careful observation. 

You will be doing some meditative observational drawing. Please bring with you a collection of small and interesting natural objects e.g. shells, stones, leaves, insects. You will need paper of various sizes up to A1, if possible, charcoal, inks/watercolours, and drawing pencils of varying softness, twigs and feathers for making drawings … or anything you wish to play with!!!

‘It is in the object, Beauty, that love virtually coincides with knowledge.”
Titus Burkhardt.

Cost: £45 includes lunch and refreshments / £45 gan gynnwys paned a chinio

(Full time students £22.50 / Myfyrwyr llawn amser £22.50)

To book a place please contact Dwynwen Roberts on 01492 593413 or email wendy@rcaconwy.org
I gadw lle ffoniwch Dwynwen Roberts ar 01492 593413 neu ebostiwch wendy@rcaconwy.org

Booking is essential as spaces are limited / Mae’n rhaid cadw lle gan fod llefydd yn brin

Life Drawing Sessions - January 2015
Dosbarthiadau lluniadu byw -  Ionawr 2015

Wednesday night /Nos Fercher  7 - 9 pm
£6 per session/£6 bob sesiwn (myfyrwyr/students £3.00)

January 21st - Tutor, Barry Morris

The last session of each month a visiting artist will come and show a technique
Seshiwn olaf pob mis bydd artist gwadd yn arddangos techneg

Booking ...

Our Adult Masterclasses are extremely popular. We would recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.

Contact our Education Officer Wendy Couling on 01492 593413 or by email to reserve your place.

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